Curriculum Vitae


M.S. Food Science Rutgers University. January 1986

B.S. Food Science Cook College, Rutgers University. May 1982


Plutchok, G. 1990. The expanding role of starches in puffed snacks. Asia Pacific Industry. 2:45-47.

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 Kokini, J.L. and Plutchok, G.J. 1987.  Viscoelastic properties of semi-solid foods and their biopolymeric components.  Food Technology. 41(3):89-95.

 Plutchok, G.J. and Kokini, J.L. 1986. Predicting steady and oscillatory shear rhealogical properties of CMC and guar gum blends from concentration and molecular weight data. J. Food Sci. 51(5):1284-1288


Jan. 2008 to Present. President and founder of Jetway Snacks, LLC., a specialty snack distributor focused on servicing the needs of travel and hospitality retailers nationally.

 Jan. 1991 to Present. President and founder of Happy Herbert’s Food Co., Inc.  Developed and marketed a snack brand comprised of over 20 items.

 Jan. 1991 to Present. President and founder of Snacktree International, a specialty snack distributor servicing food retail accounts in the Northeast.

 July 1986 to Nov. 1990 – Project Supervisor. National Starch & Chemical Company, Bridgewater, N.J. Primary responsibilities included providing technical service for specialty food starch customers in U.S. and technical support for affiliated companies in Asia Pacific. Completed a one year assignment in Singapore training technical service personnel and supervising market development efforts for Asia Pacific region.

 Sept. 1983 to June 1985 – Teaching Assistant. Dept. of Food Science, Rutgers, U., New Brunswick, N.J. Taught lab classes in food engineering, food analysis and food product development.

 Sept. 1978 to May 1989 – Ran part-time business with partner distributing “naturally ripened” bananas to health food stores.  Bananas were purchased from wholesaler before being “force ripened” with ethylene gas and then allowed to ripen on their own in a storage area.

 Unites States Patents

#5,281,432 Method of Making Foods Containing Soluble High Amylose Starch (Zallie et al., Jan. 25, 1994)






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